Tokio Hotel in Museum in Berlin

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Tokio Hotel in Museum in Berlin Empty Tokio Hotel in Museum in Berlin

Post  Aly Kaulitz on Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:34 am

Tokio Hotel will be in a show called "Freeway Balconies"
by Collier Schorr in Deutsche Guggenheim Berlin. (Museum)
Tokio Hotel in Museum in Berlin V4qqon
Freeway Balconies ranges in mediums from photography to sculpture and installation to video art. The exhibition explores the performative impulse so operative in today's innovative forms while playing off a pop-infused, contemporary American vernacular. In doing so, Schorr acknowledges a select group of elders that includes Bruce Nauman, Yvonne Rainer, and Adrian Piper. Their deployment of performance and specifically the location of art on the site of the artist's body can be observed in the works of a younger generation of artists represented by Francesca Woodman, Ryan Trecartin, and Aki Sasamoto. Sara Gilbert's intimate photographs of her friend and actor Leonardo DiCaprio taken at an earlier moment of superstardom are joined to the high drama of Rachel Rabhan's anonymous students and Elaine Stocki's curiously choreographed strangers, with Leigh Ledare's poignant images of his almost-famous mother hovering somewhere in between. Schorr shares the pop-punk band Tokio Hotel with Raymond Pettibon and actress Brooke Shields with Richard Prince. Shinique Smith's fan mail to actor Johnny Depp, an attempt at closeness with her object of admiration, finds an analogue in Karen Kilimnik's improvised cosmetic self-improvements to resemble other stars, while Matt Saunders's videos provide yet another take on idol worship. In this arena, Rashawn Griffin's lumbering garbage-bag bear stands a chance against David Altmejd's monumental giant. Sharon Hayes and Adam Pendleton invoke the spirit of 1960s activism and rock 'n' roll, complicated by cultural amnesia as appropriations out of time.
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