Tokio Hotel Hong Kong street team re-unite

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Tokio Hotel Hong Kong street team re-unite Empty Tokio Hotel Hong Kong street team re-unite

Post  Poisonousxvenom on Tue Oct 20, 2009 3:35 am

hey there if any members visit this site,then hopefully PLEASE read this
it seems like i can still update this site
so here i go
i am one of the leader[DS] from our ex-hong kong tokio hotel street team
and now im going to tell everyone to re-unite
since tokio hotel have released their new album HUMANOID
and we'll take a new start aswell Laughing
its been said that..tokio hotel are making tour dates to come to asia
in 2010
its going to be a big step to T.H as well as to Us-the asian fans
and its going to be something REALLY different to them
since none of them have ever been to asia
so hopefully,we'll make it something REALLY special
and hopefully tokio hotel will be the NEXT biggest thing
in this planet..who'll conquer all countries
Very Happy

anyways so if anyone ''DOES'' visit this site
and read this then

our youtube page

and subscribe in there
we'll be posting videos as soon as we get started
and you can
msg me
im there almost ALL THE TIME
i dont even go a day without checking my youtube mail tongue
so yeahh ;D
hopefully..i'll be able to update this site..most of the time
and talk to tavia,aly,and other leaders to see if we can make the magic happen
and re-unite and make tokio hotel come to ASIA


ds;the bill addict[x]"


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