TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated)

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TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Empty TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated)

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TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Pbucket

TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Pbucket

TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Pbucket

TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Pbucket

TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Pbucket

TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Pbucket

The interview

1000 Meere

finally it was translated by midorino @ TH YABB forum

Jörg Pilawa: Hallo.
Tom to Armin:. Yeah, of course.
JP introducing the twins to Armin (if I remember right, he’s the creator of “die Maus” or something like that) and vice versa.
Armin: Alright.
JP: You know each other, very good.
Did you watch “Die Maus” when you were smaller?
Bill: Erm, yes of course. Surely when we were very small. So, one knows it.
JP: And then one watches it again… when you get to my age you’ll watch it again. I mean, you’re definitely used to those screams. No matter where you go, you hear those high pitched screams. To me, being an old sod/bugger, it’s still unfamiliar/odd. You’re not bothered by it, are you?
Bill: No, I love it!
Tom: I was never bothered by it, to be honest.
JP: Can we hear it once more?
[Fans screaming]
“We love you”. Successful all over Europe. We’ll talk about that soon but you said “since we’re here already, we might as well participate in a question”.
In between Armin to Tom: ...earmuffs...
JP: It’s about making sounds. Yeah?
Tom: Ok.
JP: Sound studio. In fact, we’ve just listened to that heart beat. Could we maybe listen to it again? [sound being played] That’s the heart beat… what your fans experience should they see you somewhere. Here I have a few utensils…
To Tom: You’d better take the apples.
Tom: Exactly.
JP: Bill best takes one of those rubber bands (for preserving jars/glasses). And Armin, you’re here as well, you’d better take a (hand) towel. And now, I would like to know, yeah,…
In between (again!… he makes it so hard to understand if he keeps talking while JP is talking *lol*) Armin to the twins: Just a normal towel, no tricks, no nothing.
JP: …with which of those utensils, either the rubber band, two apples or the towel, one could reproduce that heart beat sound. Yeah? So, here once more the question in written form. [question and answers appear on screen]
A: tea towel
B: apples
C: rubber band
JP: What does our team Orange think?
[women of team Orange discussing question]
JP: After all it’s about one point.
Women: It’s difficult. It’s very difficult. Not with the apples. All you would get from that would be apple sauce. No way. You’d do it twice and it would be over. The towel [making sound], doesn’t work… you wouldn’t get it (meaning the sound) so regularly. With the rubber band [making movement and sound]… to pull it over both (I assume she means fingers) [Bill testing that way immediately]… hm? Rubber band seems possible but I wouldn’t know how. [Bill laughing] But maybe you could do it like this. [making movement] The towel.
JP: So what are you saying?
Women: To roll the towel and then do it like that. [making movements and sounds]
Armin: You mean like that? [showing to them]
Women: Yes. And then like that.
JP: So, towel?
Armin: Like that? [showing]
Woman: Yeah.
JP: Good. “towel” is logged in. Now, we want to hear it. Bill, give it a go with your…
Bill: Yeah well, I don’t really know how this is supposed to work… [trying]
Tom: You have to (put it to your…) [pointing to Bill’s mic]
[Bill still trying but not really having much luck]
JP: Well, I’d say this is more like ventricular fibrillation and close to ex (short for “exitus”) and hopp (“ex und hopp” is kind of a slang expression for “death”). [laughter] So this is no heart beat. Now we want to listen to the apples. How does that sound.
[Tom giving it a go with the two apples and not sounding too bad]
[women going “oh”, thinking that might have been the right answer]
Bill: That sounds more…
JP: That sounds rather good.
Tom: Yeah, that sounds real good.
JP: That sounds almost like a heart.
Tom: But it only sounds good because I was just doing it. [being rather pleased with himself, people laughing]
JP: That sounds very muse-ish … Apfelmus-isch (word play as apple sauce means Apfelmus) = apple sauce – ish, I would say. Now pay attention to the towel.
[Armin making heart beat sound with towel, women cheering, audience clapping]
JP: So A is correct.
Armin to twins (again! *lol*): … simple… with a stupid towel… you wouldn’t think… well, the apples…
JP: One more step forward. Now it’s a tie with the team Blue.
Woman: Super.
JP: Here soon things will be taken down. Over there, they’re happy (meaning the women) and we move a bit forward because I mentioned it before, nationally you’ve been successful for years. No matter where you are, full (concert) halls, screaming girls, everybody loves you but in the meantime also internationally: France, Italy, in Scandinavia… do girls scream differently there?
Tom: Erm, one has to say we just returned from the second leg of our European Tour and one has to say that they (literal meaning) accelerate (meaning the fans give everything and are very thrilled and enthusiastic) everywhere. No matter where we go. The last concert was just in Milan, also in front of 12,000 people and that was very, very loud.
Bill: Very loud.
JP: What about the language barriers?
Bill: Yeah, unfortunately they’re really major. Especially for me. I have to say I speak English really badly, so somehow only school English. And erm, there’s… but I have to say our fans learn lots and lots of German and of course that makes it easy for us.
Tom: Yeah, we’ve got it easy.
Bill: They come up to us and try to say some German words and that’s really good.
JP: We’ve been trying for a German-French approach for the last 60 years and now these young guys are coming along… I’ve heard that more than 100,000 young French girls would attend German classes just to being able to get along with your music. At the moment you’re scooping awards…erm, MTV EMAs, you’ve got one…
Bill (aw, how proud he looks – bless) : Yeah!
JP: …you’ve received a major award on German TV last night and that’s why we’re happy to be getting the chance to listen to you now, here with us. The other two [pointing to stage] are already [realizing they're not quite there yet *lol*]… almost…
Tom: They’re just getting there…
JP: Here they come!
JP: I’d say, get over there. Gustav, Georg, Bill and Tom. Tokio Hotel. And today we’re listening to something that you guaranteed haven’t listened to on German TV before (bear in mind that show was recorded before TV total but broadcasted later) because we’re listening to a song for the first time… beautiful… during rehearsals all of us were singing along: 1000 Meere. Tokio Hotel.
[1000 Meere]
JP: Tokio Hotel. 1000 Meere. Wait. One more thing. I know you get bucket loads of stuffed animals but this one probably rather seldom. Here. Original “Maus”. [handing each of them a stuffed “Maus”]
Tom: Very good.
JP: Tokio Hotel.
Bill: Thank you.
JP: Thank you very much.
Bill: Thank you very much.

TH@ARD: "Frag doch mal die Maus" 24/11(updated) Pbucket

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