Bravo (no.50) What is Bill doing in his bed

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Bravo (no.50) What is Bill doing in his bed Empty Bravo (no.50) What is Bill doing in his bed

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A hotel somewhere in Berlin. Since a few days the guys from Tokio Hotel (current single By your side) Bill, Tom, Gustav, George now exclusively opened the doors of their hotel rooms for BRAVO.

BRAVO: What do you do in the night after a stressful day?

GEORG: I forgave myself in my room and just relax. I just check my mail, then I go to the bed and watch TV.

TOM: I see it differently. Most of the time Georg is busy with a photo of me and his right hand (laughs)...

GUSTAV: I have always have a huge selection of DVDs and watch one or two in the evening.

BILL: I call a lot. You really don't dare to see my bills.

BRAVO: To whom do you speak, Bill?

BILL: With my family and my friends. I need to know if they are all well. I often talk for hours with them!

BRAVO: Are you often sad, that you can't be with your families?

BILL: I am often sad when I am alone in the hotel room. As much as I love it being on the road with the band. In the hotel rooms, I often get sentimental and melancholy. I cannot even say exactly why. But then, I wish I had my own bed. Tom would never admit it, but I bet he is sometimes sad. Especially if his hotel room re-acquaintances are gone.

BRAVO: Did you ever cried because of loneliness?

TOM: In the tour bus I often heared Georg and his handkerchiefs packs crackle but I am not sure whether he was crying because he doesn't get any Girls - or whether he used the handkerchiefs for something else (all laugh)!

BRAVO: Are you often together?

BILL: Yes, we often go together in the welleness room and relax.

GEORG: Or we often make appointment in a room and eat together. Then we discuss things what approach the band and make decisions.

BRAVO: What was the best thing you have experienced in a hotel?

BILL: After the final concert in Essen, the fans cried of joy. They stood there with a lot of posters in front of the hotel, on which you could read "It's nice to see you again at home ". That was a great feeling. Because we really felt that we are at home again...

BRAVO: (Hand on heart) Who among you look in the hotel room Pornofilmes on TV?

TOM: Since everyone pays the Pay-TV-Bills himself. Georg has Porno-Collection on the computer, so the checkout is not so embarrassing for him! However, I prefer real girls-not the one on the screen (grins)!

BRAVO: And when was the last time you took a girl in your hotel room?

TOM: 45 minutes before this interview (smiles)! It's better not to talk with the other ones about this issue. The fact that there is nothing going on in their hotel room, it's a sore point among the three. I would also never mess around with that because I am very considerated.

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