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Post  wan on Wed Dec 05, 2007 8:56 am

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Writing music history together? Yes! Chilling together during the holidays? No, rather not. What are the boys verity doing?

Berlin City, backstage at the ZDF- gala "Unsere Besten", everywhere you see stars, managers, bodyguards and personal assistants. All of a sudden four really relaxed people are strutting through the crowd. And even stars like Rosenstolz and Peter Maffay are stopping for a moment to take look at Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg before they walk back to their dressing room where Yam! is expecting them for an interview...

Yam: Almost christmas - Do superstars like you even have time for their family?
Tom: Yes, that's where we are going. And after that we also have four weeks band holidays...
Bill: The first day off of the year.
Georg: Yes, but we will all seperate and go to our secret holiday destination to get some strength. But also with family...

Yam: There are some rumours that there is a crisis? Is this the beginning of the end?
Bill: Yes, that's right. We are going and coming back like every year. Let's see, who is gonna leave this year ( all laugh). No, serious now: When you are stuck together for eleven months in a row you need a few weeks alone!

Yam: Bill, your style hasn't changed that much in a while. Why is that?
Bill: Something like that happens spontaneous. At the moment I am feeling happy with it, but I will not stay looking like this for the next 10 years. I can't predict changes. To bad. It is possible now that our record company has to have new cd booklets and posters made when I change my look...

Yam: Has something like that just happen?
Tom: It is always working friendly for us. We don't have deadlines for new albums and stuff. Other bands have these deathly contracts and they are making bad records, just to make their deadline.
Gustav: We tell the record company when we are ready and have enough new songs. After that we announce it....

Yam: Bill and Tom, you are now 18. Anything new to tell about your driver licenses?
Tom: We are working on it. It would be better if we would have more time and weren't stressing all the time about it, but I don't need long anymore. This driving thing is just in blood. I can feel it...

Yam: In February you start touring again, but until now there is only one concert in Germany planned. Not very extensive..
Bill: But people should not forget that this still is the same tour as we just ended. And before this we gave twelve concerts in Germany!
Tom: This time we try to go to countries we haven't been yet - Spain, Portugal, Italy and maybe also Scandinavia.

Yam: And when to America?
Bill: Nothing is final yet, earliest in the middle of 2008. That will also mean more time stress, but we are also looking forward to it.
Tom: We have been to New York and L.A. priavtely. It was awesome!
Bill: New York is really an awesome city...

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