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Post  xxcheukxx on Tue Feb 12, 2008 3:01 am

Tokio Hotel Talk Schnitzel & Slang Jonathanandtokio

Today was the day. I put on my lederhosen, climbed to the top of the Alps, and met up with the very German Bill, Tom, Gustav & Georg of TOKIO HOTEL for a quick sit-down interview. I asked some of my own questions and also a few from the many suggestions that you - the super fans - suggested. Turns out the boys were incredibly down to earth and fun. The following is how it all went down:

First off, Claudia Schiffer or Heidi Klum?

All: Heidi Klum!


Bill: We are all big fans of Heidi Klum.

Tom: She's great.

Bill: Yeah, she simply looks great. She's definitely our favourite model, right?

Georg: Yeah.

[All nod in agreement]

Bratwurst or Schnitzel?

All: Schnitzel!

Oh, wow. I would've said Bratwurst.

Bill: Well actually Schnitzel and Bratwurst look pretty good together.

Tom: I don't really like Bratwurst.

Bill: Yeah, me neither.

Gustav: Yeah, me neither.

Georg: Well sometimes it's not so bad.

Tom: I just don't like a big "wurst", but maybe it's because I have such a big "wurst".

Bill: [groans, rolls eyes]

Tom: But no, I don't really like Bratwurst.

What do you first think of when you hear the word 'Canada'?

Gustav: Maple leaf.

Bill: Hm. And cold.

All: Yeah, cold.

Bill: Especially right now. Oh - and definitely the CN Tower.

Did you guys already go up in it?

Bill: Yup! We were just there!

How do your Canadian fans compare to your German fans?

Bill: I don't think you can categorize fans by country like that. I mean, I think each fan is in itself different and everyone has their own personality but regardless, we are all very excited about our fans here in Canada. We were just in Montreal and now here in Toronto and the support, it's been quite incredible, the concerts were great. We're really enjoying ourselves - it's been a great start.

What is it like playing these smaller gigs in North America, when compared with the bigger concerts in Germany?

Tom: Well it's definitely been a nice change because here we have our small gigs but then directly after this we are going on our European tour where things will be much bigger. But it's been a while since we've played in small clubs and it's a lot of fun. Both concerts in Montreal and Toronto were great!

Georg: And it's definitely reminiscent of when we were younger and new to it all, like when we started out playing the small clubs in Magdeburg.

Bill: Yeah, it's cool.

Can you teach me some German slang?

[All laugh]

I know "Scheize," "Arschloch," "Fick."

Bill: Well those are already the most important ones.

Georg: Yeah, "Scheize" and "Arschloch" are already pretty good.

Well what do I need to know to be cool?

Bill: Oh, God.

Tom: That's always really hard.

Bill: Well we say things like instead of saying "Wie geht es dir?" (How are you?) you'd say "Was geht?" And we always actually say "Tierisch". "Tierisch" is a word you would never really use, but we say it when we think something's really cool.

Gustav: Yeah, like "Tom always looks Tierisch."

Bill: Yeah, so if you used that word, people would think, "Ok, he's from around here."

Tom: And to greet someone, you can also say "Fick mich." Simply walk by them and say "Hey! Fick mich!"

[All laugh]

What was the first record you bought with your own money?

Bill: For me it was a Nena CD.

Nena? Oh right - 99 Luftballons.

Georg: For me it was a CD from Oasis.

Gustav: Metallica - the Black album.

Tom: Definitely Aerosmith.

What's your favourite music video?

Georg: Well Ready, Set, Go from Tokio Hotel is great.

Tom: Yeah, if Ready, Set, Go isn't on rotation yet it should be.

Georg: Heavy rotation.

Tom: Yeah, definitely. But other than that, I also really like...

Georg: Monsoon?

Yeah, it's "Tierisch".

[All laugh]

Gustav: Ah! Exactly!

What's a fun trivia fact that most people wouldn't know about you?

Tom: Well the fact that Georg actually has two other names, is not that well-known. Georg's actual name is...

Tom & Bill: Georg Mortiz Hagen Listing!

Georg: [not impressed] "Tierisch" funny.

Bill: And Gustav's name is...

Tom & Bill: Gustav Klaus Wolfgang Schafer!

Gustav: Shit.

Tom: My second name is Don. Tom the Don.

[All laugh]

What's something that's super popular in Germany that isn't popular here?

Bill: Well until now, Tokio Hotel.

[All laugh]


Bill: Techno? You don't listen to techno?

Not really.

Gustav: That's for the best.

Bill: Well in Germany there are quite a few techno clubs but I guess that's not even that popular anymore. Hm. I have no idea.

Do you have any weird talents?

Bill: Georg can cramp his fingers in a really weird way.

Georg: Yeah [demonstrates]

Bill: Ugh!

[All laugh]

Georg: That's the only thing I'm good at.

Bill: Yeah, yeah.

What bad habits do you have?

Bill: Habits? Hm. Well I can't keep my legs still.


Georg: No, that's definitely just a tick.

Bill: Yeah, it's a tick. I'm definitely always shaking something. I can't sit still.

Tom: Hm - what kind of habits do I have...? None really. Well, it's hard for me to find any faults. [All groan]. Georg has the habit of messing up in concert.

Bill: And he's always late. Georg is always late. And Gustav is a "Tierisch" bitch.

Gustav: See, there "Tierisch" is used differently.

All: Negative.

Gustav: Well it can be both negative and really positive.

Tom: And with me, it's really hard to come up with something. I don't have any bad habits.

Georg: [rolls eyes] Yeah, none.

With such sudden success, how do you all keep your egos in check?

Georg: Now that's a question for Tom. Ego! How do you keep your ego under control?

Tom: I spend most of my time with women. And that pulls me back to earth a bit.

[All laugh]

Bill: I think we all keep each other in check. We've known each other for 7 years now and because we know each other so well we can watch out for each other and make sure no one gets out of control. But, we have to regularly watch out for Georg.

Georg: [rolls eyes] Yeah, OK.

What are some modern pop songs that are 'earworms' for you - songs that get stuck in your head?

Georg: [starts humming Ready, Set, Go - everyone joins in] What was the name of that song again...?

[All laugh]

Tom: I really liked [One Republic's] Apologize.

[All agree]

Bill: Yeah, Apologize - I think it is still number one or something in Germany. I can never get it out of my head.

Are there ever a lot of disagreements between group members?

Bill: Yeah, definitely. But most of the time we understand each other, and other times we are too busy to fight - we're constantly on the go - but yes, we fight. It's something that happens when on tour. But I must say, we all bounce back quickly - we understand each other well.

And finally, how's Knut?

Bill: Knut?

All: KNUT!

Gustav: There's a new one now! Her name is Flocke.

Georg: Yeah, Knut's totally savage now. No one can go in the pen with him anymore.

Bill: Yeah, he's huge.


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Tierisch article, like itXDDD


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