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Post  wan on Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:07 am

pic :

"Attention Drug Test"
The caption says: "Interview in an other way: "Have you taken drugs?" the policeman checks whether Tom took illegal things"

Tom under suspicion
Rank! The police checked 1243 cars for drug abuse and alcohol. One of them Tom Kaulitz( 18 ):
He had to show his driver's license and let a flashlight shine into his eyes. But of course the police couldn't find anything: "I'm really anything but a (drug) junkie." states the guitar player of Tokio Hotel clearly. "Put aside the sex I had on the backseat a short time ago, in this case." , he grins cheekily "But that wasn't really visible on me, so they let me go on bail".

since the other scan is impossible to read I translated a transcript made by schoki_loves_th on German forum; a part of the beginning is missing, she said it was unimportant.

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