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Popcorn - Bill's dream interpretation Empty Popcorn - Bill's dream interpretation

Post  wan on Fri Feb 15, 2008 5:38 am

Popcorn - Bill's dream interpretation Bill

In the latest Popcorn they asked some celebs to tell them their dream and interpreted it.

Here's Bill's dream:

"I had a crazy dream once: I was in a forest with the Olsen twins. Although we lost our track, none of us was really scared. Then we saw a fire and tried to walk to it but we never reached it - it stayed in the same distance all the time. I had a nice feeling when having this dream!"

The meaning:

Bill's dream is full of sexual symbols: The forest means the unknown, fire stands for passion, the girls for a premature sexuality. The girls being twins hints at Bill's unclear sexual orientation. To say it plainly: Bill longs for sex and love, but he feels like he is not ready for it yet. Only when he makes a choice he will be able to live his sexuality.

credit to green_fairy @ THUS

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