Hitkrant TH article translation - FANS pick their favorite!

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Hitkrant TH article translation - FANS pick their favorite!

Post  wan on Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:00 am


Who is your favorite member of Tokio Hotel & why? That's the question we asked you & we received thousands of e-mails!

GUSTAV because..

He's always the quite one and he makes the funniest remarks. He looks really cute, like a teddybear. He's a sweet drummer, has some muscles and he plays awsome! -chandeni

He looks like a sweet teddybear but at the same time he looks though and hot. And he's an idol for me, I play the drum too. - lizzy

I have a lot of respect for him and because he's the calmest. You can see that he has to make an effort to play the drum (wth? he plays awsome! weird phrasing I know, but that's what it says) He's funny and the cutest! -madelon

He always stays himself and hasn't become a diva or weird like Paris Hilton. (she is comparing Gustav to that blond, stupid-as-hell, ain't-good-for-nothing bimbo? OMG someone plz slap her!) He can handle being famous and that the most important thing! -marlou

He always stayed himself and hasn't changed at all. He a calm guy who you can run into in the streets (she wants to sat he's the boy-next-door-type) -kirsten

You know a lot about the other members of TH, but not a lot about him. He's the mysterious, silent, sexy drummer, you think: what's he thinking? And the band would be nothing if it wasn't for a good drummer like Gustav. -cheyenne

He's so shy. & most people like the other TH-members. So I like Gustav -darifa

He has the same character like me. He's calm and a bit shy and so am I. Gustav isn't considered to be the most important member but he is! Without him the band wouldn't even exist! -iris

When I first saw Tokio Hotel play, Gustav immediately caught my eye. He's such a good drummer and he's cute. He like being the funniest and has a great sense of humor! -kayleigh

BILL because..

He has the same style as me, he looks cool and he doesn't give shit about what others say -veronique

He sings with his heart and he has a great voice. He is gorgeous and defend his style. My heart skips a beat when I see him, I can't live without him. -bibi

He's unbelievably sexy, always wears awsome clothes and has great hair. He can do my makeup everyday,cause his is always perfect. -denise

He always stays himself. He has his own style and if people don't like it, it's their problem. Bill is and stays Bill, even when e's called a girl, gay,.. -ilse

It's true that he looks hot and has his own style, but for what I have heard, he also has a great personality. We have a lot of things in common, I can reflect myself in him -yiwie

He has a beautiful voice and he gives me inspiration. And even if my friends call him a girl, I think he's a gorgeous thing. Thanks to him I make an effort for improving my German. I had to cry when I heard him sing Spring Nicht. He's really cute, sweet and sensitive. -marleen

He always says his opinion, even if he gets loads of critisism. He just ignores it and stays himself. He knows exactly how to deal with girls and you can talk to him about everything make up, shopping,.. -maureen

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Re: Hitkrant TH article translation - FANS pick their favorite!

Post  wan on Fri Feb 15, 2008 6:03 am

GEORG because...

Everyone like the Kaulitz-twins, while Georg looks gorgeous too. He's a great bassplayer though it seems really difficult. & Georg seems like a funny guy with a great sense of humor. -andjeni

His facialexpression is always neutral, but if you look closely, he is smiling. & and he has some muscle and is a bit sloppy. Just like me. He's the stud of the band and I think it's sexy. -annerens

He stays himself and still has his own style. I love hearing jim play the bass. He has something that the rest of the band doesn't have. -vicky

He asks a lot of attention and he's a great bassplayer. But the other guys are cute to, I know all their songs! I love Georg! -anoeska

Georg has the sweetest ass of Germany! I will go through 483 monsoons for you! I love you so, so much!! -jette (stalker alert! o.O)

He's really funny, has a cute laugh and can rock the bass. Without him there would be no TH. -marlie

He's like me. His style, taste in music and even the answers he gives in interviews, I recognise myself in him. He has been my idol for 2 years and he will stay it forever. -louise

I like Georg the best. His sarcasm is so funny, he doesn't wanna be in the spotlight. He's supersweet, cute, hot and just a fantastic. -linda

TOM because..

He looks tough with his dreads and style. He has beautiful hands isn't too feminine, just right like he is. He has pretty eyes were you can get lost in. Especially with THmusic in the background. -marina

He's just hot and looks tough. A lot of girls say that they don't like Tom cause he sleeps with a lot of girls. Then I think: yeah right..I like him and I don't care what other people think of him. -gabriella

He's really cute. He has the most amazing brown eyes! He once give a girl a kiss and a hug cause she started srying when she saw him. That proves he really is sweet! -kayleigh

He plays the guitar since he was 6, just like me. He has dreadlocks and has a hot style. If I wasn't a girl, I would have the same style as him. I can do it too as a girl, but that would be weird. We have a lot in common. -vivian

He's always relaxed. Never too much stress, he always thinks positive and I like that. -adrienne

He looks like all my exes. So it's not a suprise that I like him! -barbara

He rocks the guitar and has a sweet laugh. It's pitty that he's afraid to sing like Bill. -rose

He's gorgeous! & I love it that he actually loves hiphop but makes other music and still wears his hiphop clothes. -vera

Credit to imke @ buzznet
Source : http://imke.buzznet.com/user/journal/1784611/hitkrant-tharticle-translation-fans-pick/

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