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Post  wan on Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:52 am

Tokio Hotel for President!

Present German songs and culture conquer the hearts of American teens. Sold out halls and screechy girls.

After Einstein, Werner von Braun, General von Steuben and Marlene Dietrich, there are 4 teen idols from Magdeburg conquering the hearts of the female American teens now!

German songs conquer the American continent? We hope the prude Bush generation has not reserved a place at Guantanamo for Tokio Hotel yet.

From what people say, the German courses in USA are occupied. Mainly by girls from 12 to 16. A good omen? Perhaps all the teens there will know Germany and where to find it on the globe.

One thing people must know is that Tokio Hotel is the 3rd german band, after Autobahn and Scorpions, that has gross success there. And they're singing in German. With that outcome! As much as I know, only Nena had done that with her 99 Luftballons.

It is not necessary my music. But the 4 youngsters have a professional attitude compared to other bands obviously, which save themselves and the public from scandals. Till now.

The lyrics are disputable, but compared to lyrics from other German hit clips, they are poetry.

Good luck Tokio Hotel. I recommend it to you!


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Post  xxcheukxx on Wed Feb 20, 2008 9:06 am

thx for your translation Very Happy
im really happy that they conquered America! Cool Cool Cool

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