Bravo nr.48: Sometimes, it is just too much

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Bravo nr.48: Sometimes, it is just too much Empty Bravo nr.48: Sometimes, it is just too much

Post  xxcheukxx on Thu Nov 22, 2007 7:01 am

They are famous, the fans love them - however, how do Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg deal with the star-stress?

Wherever they go - there fans are there, screaming after them. The boys travel from town to town - everywhere in Europe: Italy, France, Spain, England, Sweden - and off course also Germany. For some time of is for Bill, Tom, Gustav and Georg no time left. There schedule is filled up - with interviews, photshoots, concerts, videoshoots, studiorecordings, autograph sessions. How do the boys deal with this awesome but also hard rockstar life?
In exclusive Bravo- interview the boys reveal all....

Bravo: You have just given another concert in germany, won prizes like the MTV Europe Music Awards - how are you doing?
Bill: I am in the happiest moment from this whole year. That we won the EMA is just crazy to us. Fans all over Europe have voted for US! That means that all our hard work this year has payed of. To be honest it hasn't been going to well with me in a long, long time.

Bravo: Oh, what was wrong?
Bill: We were on the road all year long. From town to town, from country to country. We have had so many things to do. During that time you loose yourself a little - I would have loved to been home more.

Bravo: You just burned it all?
Bill: Yes, there are just moments when it is just to much. I just can't go on then anymore. I wake up in the morning thinking: "I can't smile in another camera anymore today". I am just empty, don't wanna come out of bed and just wanna have some time off.

Bravo: Is there in those moments also stress within the band?
Tom: Off course, it happens. During our big tour we were together day and night. Then you just don't wanna see the other one anymore for a while. It rarely happens with us - but everyone needs some time for themselfs. Especially when i was ill during the Europe-tour. I was lying down for the first time that time year with a serious cold - concert had to be cancelled.

Bravo: Do you even dare take a break when it gets to much?
Tom: Off course. When we want time of, we get it. But we are also total workaholics. That we really hold ourselfs back happens rarely. We are normally active the whole day.

Bravo: What helps against the stress?
Bill: I really like having someone by my side that has absolutly nothing to do with the band: A girlfriend. Since the band i just haven't had any anymore. But i am still searching for my big love.
Gustav: Yes, Yes, finding my love is something i really want again too - especially since she can give me a back rub after a concert. (grins)

Bravo: When do you have time off?
Georg: At the end of the year we will sail away. We'll go to a small island somewhere on this planet. We are not going together. After that you are more happy to see each other again - and we get full power again for 2008.

translated by beertje_86 - TH us

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