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Tokio Hotel answers fan question on Facebook Empty Tokio Hotel answers fan question on Facebook

Post  Tavia on Fri May 02, 2008 11:11 am

Rinoa Heartilly’s
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are you going to come to Asia and south africa and ship your stuff over here too >>turkey ,lebanon,pakistan,,indonesia

Bill: We would love to. We love to travel to new countries to play live there – that’s what we are all about!

Tom: Yes definetly, and there are a lot of places we would love to go to. But so far we don’t have anything set yet!

Emily Tian’s
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What was your first impression of your North American Fans? I mean, what’s the biggest difference compared to your fans back at home & overall Europe?

Bill: We were blown away from the enthusiastic and friendly welcome by our fans in North America!

Tom: It was nothing we expected. I mean, we’ve never been there ever before and our music wasn’t even out there when we went over for the first time in february to play shows in Montreal, Toronto, L.A. and N.Y.! (Laughing) We didn’t even expect people to really show up and then all the shows were sold out…

Bill: It was absolutely great! Talking about differences, each fan is individual, you know. You can’t differ by country. But I would say, what all our fans have in common is that energy and that exitement. They are so engaged and intense and loud – we love that. And we were really excited to find out that the fans in North America share this energy!

Glotova Margarita’s
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U’re really stars!Tell us,whether it became more difficult to converse to people?How do u differ the real girl who’s interested in u from the mad fan
Bill: I think I can speak for all of us when I say we pretty much have the same friends we had before the band became successful.

All: Yes!

Tom (Laughing): Cause the guys are not lucky with girls I have to answer the rest. It’s not important if a girl is a fan or not – if it fits, i fit feels right, if the girl is exciting it’s not important at all.

Miranda Lapides’s
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What advice would you give for people who get judged a lot by how they dress? What exactly do you say to people who don’t like you for who you are?

Bill: Tom and me always used to be different, so we are very experienced and used to people who didn’t like us cause of it. But for us freedom and being the way we wanted to be, express ourselves and speaking our mind was always the most important thing. This didn’t make things for us easier – specially in school and with our teachers. That was really the worst time of our lives.

Tom: Yes! (Laughing) And we are so happy that it’s over. But we never changed we always did our thing. And we actually don’t care about people who don’t like us. I’m actually always surprised how much time some people spent on just letting you know that they think you suck! (Grinning) I don’t even think about people I don’t like …

Holly Spears’s
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I want to know how often you guys have sex?=) *Don’t ask me why I want to know it! *

Tom (Laughing): Well, that’s easy: The other don’t have sex at all – they are all still virgins …

All: Boring!

Tom (Grinning): Yes, they are boring and it’s true. I’m the only one who has really experience and i always find the time to practise …

Kamfetova Rita’s
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Hey guys, tell us about your dreams! =) What present you want to get from fans? Ok? *kiss*
Georg: Oh, we get so many nice presents from our fans, they are really very creative when it comes to presents.

Gustav: Incredible long letters – one was nearly 14 km long, poems, songs, drawings.

Bill: And we got a star – there’s a star in the universe that is called Tokio Hotel, isn’t that great?!

Tom (Grinning): To answer your question, I like to be surprised …{HAHAHA}

Jenifer Green’s
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Guys, you look very tired sometimes. Haven’t you ever wanted all of this to go and jump into the lake?

All: NO!

Bill: We’re together now for seven years and we always wanted this! We really put all our energy and all our time into our music to make it. We always wanted to play live in front of an audiance that cares and connects with us. Actually all that happened so far is more we ever dreamed of and of course there are things that aren’t sooo great. You don’t see your family and your friends much anymore. But there are so much more positive aspects. We are having the time of our life and we wouldn’t change that for anything!

Jenifer Green’s
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How will you make up your mind for to win the girl? What will you think out if she doesn’t look like uniterested?

Tom (Laughing): I love that! I’m more the hunter and collecter and I don’t like it when it is too easy. So if a hot girl seems to be not interested, that really gets me!!

Bill: Well, I’m not like Tom. I’m not into messing around or one night stands – I’m really looking for love! I don’t know how to explain but if she is the right girl it just klicks, it happens in a moment and then everything is clear, you know?!

Georg: Yeah, I agree. And I don’t have a spezial type of girl I go for – it just have to klick.

Gustave: Same here!

Sabrina M.’s
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a bit cliche, but : if you were stuck on an island, & you could only bring 1 personal item with you, what would it be & why? Tom: I can’t live without music, so I would take my guitar! Or Bill, we’ve always been together. (Laughing) That’s tough …

Bill (Grinning): Yes, he?! Well, I bring Tom and put my recorder in is pocket – just in case I have an idea for a song …

Georg: I’ll take my base

Gustav: Drums for me then.

Flora Und Mona’s
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Tom: No, I don’t think it’s the last concert in France. On our third European tour we played twice in Paris, then in Dijon, Montpellier and Marseille. After Parc des Prince on June 6th we play an Open Air in Monaco at Le Port which will be on July 7th. That are the set dates so far!


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