Yam! Tom is seeking Bill's Dreamgirl

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Yam!  Tom is seeking Bill's Dreamgirl Empty Yam! Tom is seeking Bill's Dreamgirl

Post  wan on Sun Nov 25, 2007 7:59 am


Tokio Hotel comes back again! Their new single An deiner Seite (ich bin da) is shooting for the highest possible
chart position & they're on tour during Feburary and March 2008. Anyway, no new album is planned.Yam!BamS wanted to know: why?

Tom: There are still 2 unreleased, new songs in our new single, 1000 Meere and Geh.We really have some material
for a new album but nothing is planned yet...

Why not?

Bill: We want to completely retract and have a clear head for that, not quickly squeeze the third album between
the two tours.

So you want to take your time for the music...Do you have time for love and meanwhile do you have a girlfriend?

T: We don't have girlfriends now, but I'm taking some of my time for girls. The others do this too, but they just get nothing. Among us, I can only say: Georg is still a virgin. affraid OK, Bill and Gustav had sex already but even not
more than 2 or 3 times. Laughing The girls seem to notice that so they automatically come to me.

B: It's only because I'm holding back. Smile

Why are you holding back?

B: Well, I fell in love first. A girl really knocked me out & that's not happening all too simply...

Are you seeking for your big love?

B: What do you mean seeking? I believe a dreamgirl is the one you cannot look for. She needs to happen to you.
And I hope, she will be happening to me too...

T: No problem, that dreamgirl thing. I'll search for her & test on all of them, and I think I'll encounter Bill's big love
during this. Smile

I translate this by the auto translator and my english is poor, so it may be quite strange. Sorry for any mistakes
I made.
Reference: +TokioHotel+ @ YaBB Forum

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