Tokio Hotel's plans for Valentine's Day

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Tokio Hotel's plans for Valentine's Day Empty Tokio Hotel's plans for Valentine's Day

Post  xxcheukxx on Wed Feb 13, 2008 11:11 pm

Buzznet: Any specific plans for Valentine's Day this year? If so who are you spending it with and where?

Gustav: I wish I had plans! Unfortunately, our vacation ended in mid January so that’s it for our spare time. On Valentine's day we’ll be in the middle of our North American club tour, which we are really looking forward to.

Buzznet: If you were to stay at home this Valentine's Day and watch a movie with a loved one, what movie would you watch and why?

Bill: First, I would get some Iced Tea ready, make Popcorn and get lots of candy. Then I would grab a big blanket and get in close with my girl. Unlike Tom I would probably rent a stack of love stories...whatever she likes. Luckily I am a person who enjoys movies that most girls usually favour. Don’t get me wrong, I also like to watch horror movies on occasion but that’s reserved for the time when I am on tour with the other guys.

Buzznet: Have you ever received a love letter from someone or have you ever written a love letter to someone? If so who was it from or to and what did you or that person say?

Tom: I receive tons of love letters and Valentine's Cards – which unfortunately never happens to the other three guys. (He laughs) Bill, Georg & Gustav have to send cards like that to themselves. Seriously, on occasions like Valentine's Day, we all receive very special mail. Beautiful pieces of fan made art, stuffed animals and a lot of other great presents where fans clearly put a lot of effort in. It looks like our fans really take the time to think about what to send us…come to think of it: many days of the year feel like Valentine's Day to me

Buzznet: Are you going to tell someone in particular you love them this Valentines Day? If so who is it and what makes this person deserve your love?

Tom: Well, the long list of phone numbers in my cell phone consists of 90% females – so you shouldn’t ask me “if” but rather “how many” girls I will tell that I love (laughs). I also know who Georg will tell that he loves – his reflection in the mirror. To be honest, all of us are single at the moment so there are no girlfriends that we will be sending a love message to (but if I want to, I have the option to use the enormous contact list in my cell

Buzznet: What do you do when trying to set the mood for a romantic date? What does the date consist of, where does it take place, what do you wear, cook, listen too, go?

Georg: I would just try to be who I am and not put on any fancy cloths to impress the girl. I mean obviously I am very happy if a girl dresses up for me but I also don’t want her to pretend to be someone she’s not.
To create a romantic mood, I would take her out to a beautiful restaurant. Well, now that I think about it, I would probably prepare a meal myself – that’s more intimate. It might taste better in a restaurant but my pasta is definitely also worth a try!


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