The Americans lern german for TH!

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The Americans lern german for TH! Empty The Americans lern german for TH!

Post  wan on Thu Feb 14, 2008 10:14 am

pic :

But this story shows, how big the fany hype really is:
Originally the boys had planned to play their english songs only.
But many US-fans want to hear "Durch den Monsun", "Schrei" and the other TH-hits in their original language!
Already before their take off to fly over the great pond(idiom, meaning flying to america), the band had recieved lots of fan mail from America - there the fans demanded, that TH only played their german songs.
"I love the german songs. They are even cooler than the english", writes 12 year old Amy.
Her wish was heard:
"We will also play some songs in our mothertounge at our gigs", tells Bill.
And so that they can understan, what Bill is singing there, the Americans now even start learning English.
"Only because of TH I started studying the german language. I would do anything to meet them once.", writes a US-fan in an internet forum.
"I alreay know some german and I keep working on it. I love Tokio Hotel so much - I want to understand them", posts another.
That has to be real fan-love...

many many thanks to LuckyMe @ thus for translation & scanning

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