Kaulitz Twins - Got their school exams!

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Kaulitz Twins - Got their school exams! Empty Kaulitz Twins - Got their school exams!

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Now the Interview:

School degree with 1.8! Although they had mega-stress, the Tokio Hotel Twins took school seriously and have recieved a great school report now! Exclusively in Bravo!

Currently TH are conquering the USA! And despite the continious stress as rockstars Bill and Tom have(both by the way) got theier Realschulabschluss(lover school degree... not enough for studying but you can learn jobs for which you don't have to study)at a distance learning school. And that with great grades: five 2 and one 1! Exclusively in Bravo Bill and Tom talk about their experiences at school and show their reports...

Bravo: Congratulations! Are you happy to be done with school?
Bill: Oh yeah! We are really happy, that this chapter finally lies behind us. Tom and I immediately ripped all books and folders and burnt them...(I don't believe that do you?)

Bravo: How did you manage to get good grades despite the stress?
Tom: At first: it was horrible for us(laughs)!
Bill: We also didn't believe in it. Often we were close to saying: screw it! School wasn't obligatory for us anymore, when we turned 18.(not quite, bill. It stopped bein obligatory after 10 years... break doesn't count)- we could've stopped. But we are perfectionists and didn't wat to leave it untried. So we slept even less and worked even more.
Tom: In the week before the final exam we were studying twelve hours a day for seven days!(uh huh, exaggerating a bit, aren't we?)
Bill: And in that week Georg and Gustav had free time, completely. FREE TIME! We don't know that word.

Bravo: You were at a distance learning school. How did that work?
Bill: The materials were sent to our house. We had to work through it and the send it back.
Tom: We could arrange the time freely that was good. But we had to return it handwritten. Cheating was not possible because of that...

Bravo: Also not at the final exams?
Bill: Noo! Tom and I were sitting in ar room with the examiner. He could stare at our sheets the whole time...
Tom: Apart from that, we were sitting too far apart, to copy. When we had been going to normal school, we always did that. We shared the learning parts.

Bravo: Both of you are afraid of exams, right?
Bill: A lot! We could barely sleep the whole week before it. Tom and I were so excited/nervous! We had been studying until late at night and woke up at 6 in the morning again.
Tom: I always feel sick before exams, as if I had to puke. Luckily that has never happened.

Bravo: Were you afraid a bit, that the teachers could be mean to you, because you are the boys from TH?
Bill: Sure. We didn't know if they had prejudices and thought things like: Those stars think they'll get their degree as a present.
Tom: But we had to take the same exam as all other students and couldn't cheat. Maybe they read our tests twice, just in case(laughs)!

Bravo: Before you've always had trouble with the teachers. What was it like now?
Bill: This time the teachers were nice to us.
Tom: But I don't like teachers in general. We saw ours only very seldomly. But if we had seen them dayly, we sure would have had trouble with them.

Bravo: Which subjects did you like the most?
Tom: (laughs loudly) All were horrible! Those were the worst weeks in our lives.(only weeks? Damn they are whiny)

Bravo: Does that mean, no more school, ever?
Tom: Let's say: Biology will still be present in my life(laughs)!
Bill: The band stands in the first place now. But we made this degree, so we know we can still make our Abitur(that's the highest school degree, with which you can study anything afterwards)
Tom: But we're not planning that in the close future.

Bravo: Why are your grades actually exactly the same?
Bill: That is the twins-thing again. We ed when we saw that.

Bravo: What's next?
Bill: Our europe tour starts now, with a completely new stage. After that we're going to the USA. We only have one day off in between...

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