Weekend, La Prensa "Nadie es Perfecto"

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Weekend, La Prensa "Nadie es Perfecto" Empty Weekend, La Prensa "Nadie es Perfecto"

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這是首份在中美洲-巴拿馬刊登TH的報章, 希望TH的消息從世界各地陸續有來 XD

Weekend, La Prensa "Nadie es Perfecto" Billkaulitzprensa002-3

Bill Kaulitz - the vocalist of the group Tokio Hotel, which won an award at the Berlinale, is the new sensation.

Bill Kaulitz is the main character of the rock pop punk group named Tokio Hotel, formed by guitarist Tom Kaulitz (Bill's twin), bass player Georg Listing, 18 (wrong, they messed up¬¬ ) and drummer Gustav Schafer 20 (wrong again ¬¬ ). The band was awarded with the Goldene Kamera in the category of "Beste Music National" in the Berlinale, which ends February 17. The gala had perfomances of the australian singer, Kylie Minogue, and of the german band that is causing big sensation throughout Europe, according to the news agency EFE. "They are a big success in Germany since they launched their album Schrei in 2005 and jumped to international fame in 2007, editing their songs in english."

The group is different than the other groups by their looks; Tom with his rafta style and the painted eyes of Bill. They have been nominated to a Comet award, which will be presented in March of this year and is it important in the german musical scene. According to www.elmundo.es, the band has been added to play at the festival Rock in Rio, which it will be held the last weekend of June and first weekend of July in the area of Madrid, Arganda del Rey, in which the "rock city" is currently under construction with over 200, 000 square meters of space.
Tokio Hotel will perform songs of their english album in the festival on June 28.
Last year, the band sold around 1.5 million albums.

Purple square:
"german punk"
Age: 19
Birth Date: September 1, 1989 in Leipzig, Germany
Hobbies: Music and parties
Piercing and tattoos: He has a piercing in the eyebrow and another one in the tongue. He has the symbol of the group in his neck and a star in his pelvis.
Music: Green Day

credit to Maca @ THUS
Source : http://www.tokiohotelus-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=5443

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