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Tokio Hotel fans are worried: "Why is Bill so sad?", they write in many letters sent to the Bravo editorial office . Also and especially because of their new bonus track: The song is called "Geh!", a song where Bill sings about the painful separation from a girlfriend. What he exactly felt he explains in an exclusive letter to the Bravo readers. The singer wrote the very personal lines at night, after a concert when he was alone in his hotelroom. Also the other songs originated from Bill were written in some lonesome hours. When he can´t find any sleep, he has the best ideas for songs. At the age of 7 he started writing songs. At their first meeting with Tokio Hotel producer David Jost and the other production partners he surprised them with a very special book full of song ideas. "I always wanted to digest experiences or feelings in songs", Bill admits in an interview. "That´s why it´s an incredible feeling when the crowd can sing along our songs. I always get goose bumbs", Bill says and promises: " I´m already writing down ideas for our third album.."

From Bill:

"I had a girlfriend and we came to a point, where we both realized, that we´ve come to a deadlock. We couldn´t go on like that. But none of us really had the courage to quit our relationship. This pretty long period of time was very hard and sad. We somehow knew, that we have no future, but we had such a great time together and had been through a lot. And that made it hard to make a step and to separate finally. This song is about that feeling, to be be torn between feelings deep inside in a certain situation. Anyhow at that time I made the conclusion, that sometimes you have to end something to live on liberated. And that a separation isn´t necessarily negative - it can be a start for something new. And I don´t mean a new love only. A separation can open the door to a very new period of life."

translated by zeraphine@TH us

Bravo mag (No. 49) Pbucket

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